How to compile Ruby gtk with ruby 1.9

i am completely new to ruby and just started learning. i have picked up
ruby gtk binding for my gui needs. i am not a c programming guru so i am
having a lot of problem compiling ruby gtk. The things that i have

  1. Downloaded ruby 1.9 (rubyinstaller-1.9.1-p378)

  2. Downloaded ruby-gtk2-0.19.4

  3. Gtkmm development package 2.20.1

  4. Tdm mingw Gcc 4.5

  5. In msys executed ruby extconf.rb

  6. Run Make

                 After running make i am having a lot of unresolved

symbol errors and at the last i get the report

FAILED: gdkpixbuf pango atk gtk

I am getting this kind of errors like

c:\ruby-gtk2-0.19.4\gtk\src/rbgtkwindowgroup.c:27: undefined reference
to `rbgob

                  Please can anybody help me. Please guide me to

build the gtk binding of ruby. Thanks in advance.

                                            with regards.........

Hello Shankr, looks like you are using Windows. If you are using Ubuntu
I can help.


There are many difference in my case(ruby 1.9.1 rumix, ruby gnome2
0.19.4, MinGW gcc 4.4.0 etc),
but following URL may show some hints for you.
I refer

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 5:48 PM, Sankar Bose