How to communicate with printer from ruby language?

I want to communicate with printer by using ruby language. i am using
socket programming to communicate with printer. my printer ip is
“” and port number is “20000”.

Below is the code that i am using to communicate with printer

require ‘socket’
sock =‘’, 20000)
sock.write ‘MARK START’

In the above code i am sending “MARK START” command to the printer which
will turn printer ON , but it’s not working. with above code i am able
established connection with remote server but not able to send “MARK

But the same is working with putty. with putty i am using connection
as “raw” and connecting to the printer.After connection is successful i
send command “MARK START” to putty and able to turn on printer.

I want to know why my code is not able to send “MARK START” command to

A few ideas:

  1. Bind netcat to a port and connect your script to it to see whether
    is really being sent.
  2. Maybe you should write “\r”, “\n” or “\r\n” after “MARK START”.
  3. Maybe firewall is blocking you.

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