How to coloring Windows command prompt in irb?

Is there any gem or ruby script to make irb command prompt in windows
color? I found a gem ‘wirble’ which is very nice but it only works in
Linux or Mac. It can’t work in cygwin or windows command prompt. I
searching for hours on any windows command prompt which can show color
but couldn’t make it, I only found some interactive python script to do

Finally I had to search for any source code to show color in cmd prompt.
In the end I found 2 win32api to do that and luckily I can quickly
included in ruby using the ruby win32api call. Here are the 2 win32api
to show color:

require ‘Win32API’
get_std_handle =“kernel32”, “GetStdHandle”, [‘L’], ‘L’)
set_console_txt_attrb =“kernel32”,“SetConsoleTextAttribute”,
[‘L’,‘N’], ‘I’)
hout =,7)
puts ‘default command prompt color’,12)
puts ‘command prompt red color text’

the color range from 1 - 15 for black background color

we also can change the input text color, I never try that, but I think

it should be or -12…forgot already

This script is working fine for me to print color text. Can anyone
integrate this windows coloring script into ‘wirble’ ? It is hard for me
to change the ‘wirble’ ruby script. It would be thankfully if anyone can
do that.

Shin Guey

On 3/5/07, Shin guey Wong [email protected] wrote:

to show color:,12)

Shin Guey

maybe this would help: (ansi
coloring for console)