How to check the transmitting module is ok

Hi,every body!

I am a new man in gnuradio. I need you help very much.

I want to make sure wheather the transmitting module of my usrpboard is
regular. I wrote a program to transmit and receive sine signal by two
sub boards. But i can’t get the correct signal at receiver. In fact it
was only noise.

I also debuged a small program USRPping in OpenBTS project. And I
modified some code in order to show the receiving data. But it was also
very different from the transmitter part. I guess It was noise too.

At last i used oscilloscope (a real device not a moudle in gnuradio) to
observe the transmit signal at antenna part. i connected one point of
probe to GND and one point of probe to the center of the antenna
intereface. Can you guess what i got? it was only a sine signal with
64MHz frequency. So i guess i get the clock signal because the main
clock of my usrp board is 64MHz.

I am not sure wheather i expressed my problem exactly. if you can
understand what i say, can you give me some suggestion. Thank you!