How to change the default naming schema for indeces in the '

Hi all

I’m using rails on a legacy environment with Oracle 10g. Now I want to
move to the database based session store. BUT I’m running into a

a) I’m using rails table_name prefixes:
config.active_record.table_name_prefix = “c2003_tv_”

b) It seems that during the migration rails automatically wants to
create a index on the session_id column, which it can’t:
== Session: migrating

– create_table(:session)
-> 0.0269s
– add_index(:session, :session_id)
rake aborted!
OCIError: ORA-00972: identifier is too long: CREATE INDEX
index_c2003_tv_session_on_session_id ON c2003_tv_session (session_id)

How can I change the default naming schema for indeces on the
‘session’ table? Or any other suggestion?

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