How to change default error message

Hi all,

is there a way how to change this default message “9 errors prohibited
this user from being saved, There were problems with the following
fields:” I’d like to be in Czech. Is it possible? Thx. P.

There is a :header_message option on error_messages_for:

:header_message - The message in the header of the error div. Pass nil
or an empty string to avoid the header message altogether. (Default:
“X errors prohibited this object from being saved”).

You could also monkey patch ActionView::Helpers::ActiveRecordHelper if
you want to change the default message across the entire application.

module ActionView
module Helpers
module ActiveRecordHelper

  def error_messages_for_with_message_overrides(*params)
    options = params.extract_options!.symbolize_keys
    options[:header_message] = "My Custom Error Message" unless

options[:message] = “” unless options.include?
error_messages_for_without_message_overrides(params, options)

  alias_method_chain :error_messages_for, :message_overrides



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