How to call database variables from "Public" folder?


If I want to use for example,
<% for product in @products %>

in “index.html” (for HomePage) of the “public” folder to call the
objects in “products” database table, how do I do that please?
It seems that I could not directly call it in the file.
actually, I want to partial-render a list for products in the homepage.
I think there must be a smart way.

btw, is “index.html” the only place we can design homepages?

Thx for help.


U shouldn’t work in public folder.
Go make your own home_controller with an index method and a view ’
index.rhtml’. Go to config/routes.rb and say:
map.connect ‘’, :controller => ‘home’, :action => ‘index’ (when u
localhost:3000 it will go by default to home/index).
Don’t forget to make in the layouts folder the view
will look similar to public/index.html).
I think that is all.


Got it.
thank you, Ioana.