How to benefit, from my 101 days ... before IronRuby comes


I am posting this for me, and my friends around.

We have just come to know that IronRuby 1.0 will ship in Second half of
this year, that is round about in 1st week of July.( Approx 101 days to
go )

We have selected IronRuby for various reasons…

(1) With Ruby… we can stay in touch with best of both the world. ( Net
and Linux )
(2) With Ruby, we can work with Asp.Net MVC, IronRuby on Rails and Ruby
on Rails
(3) With Ruby, we can enjoy my Dynamic language with Clear Syntax.

What puzzles us right away… that what should we study know to take
maximum advantages mentioned above. Since IronRuby is almost 101 days
far, we want to grasp as much as we can in the right direction.

We do not know… what to start with, what to read…If we are starting
with we get to see all the codes in C#, which we do not want.

Based on your experience, it would be kind of experienced developers
like you to guide me and help my friends too, who are in the same boat
with me.

Currently we are learning " Programming Ruby " a new book based on Ruby
1.9 by Matz himself.

There are no tutorials around or any book around to start with Asp.Net
with IronRuby.

I also thank Mr. Mike M., for guiding me about in my other



I think your hopes of 101 days is way off. I think the second half of
by Microsoft standards and the fact IronRuby is still missing so many
features and from other indications, you should be happy to see IR by
end of 2008. This is still the second half of the year, just happens to
the very end of the second half. So, add another 180 days to your

-Rob B.

On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 11:13 PM, Rahil K. [email protected]

Hi Rob,

We had read your interview on , with Mr. John L. and were
happy to see that we shall get IronRuby 1.0 by second half of 2008.

We never expected it to be delayed so late.

2008 end is too late for us, we shall have to think some other options

But what other options can be , thats the main question…

Thanks for your quick hint.