How to attach window as notebook page

Dear all,

I am making a business application here with ruby gtk and want to use
After I look into tutorial on web, It seems with gtk we achieve MDI
problem is, gtk::notebook cannot use gtk::window as a page directly
and I already code most of my form using gtk::window

So, basically I need to attach gtk::window object as gtk::notebook page
is there a way? or example would be better
I already tried to reparent first child in window object to notebook
but the result is ugly, I mean it gives me a lot of warning and the
accelerator did not work.
In every window, I use menu and accelerator, and I need them working

I heard about gtk::plug and gtk::socket but still don’t understand about
sorry, was delphi developer here. Not really good at OOP

please help

Thank you

Why couldn’t you attach any other container widget to the notebook?
Why it has to be window?


2011/1/31 hendra kusuma [email protected]:

Well, I already create a lot of forms as window
and I will hate to do my work all over again by changing them into some
other widget
such as panel or even vbox

but if there is no other way, then I guess I would go that way

Just looking for some chance here

OK. Forget I am asking
I decide to change all those window object to frame
so far so good
just need to catch shortcut key and send them to active child

thanks anyway