How to assign width=100% to table cells?


i have a Gtk::Table(5,3), with buttons in it - the keypad.
i want thise buttons to be as large as possible,
i walked through the documentation on size requisition and allocation,
and came to the conclusion that Gtk is concentrating on making widgets
as small as possible, which is good generally, but not for me not in
this issue.

my buttons are as small as they can be, i attached them to the table
like this: attach(‘1’,0,1,0,1,Gtk::FILL, Gtk::FILL, 0, 0), so they fill
in the table’s cell, i like this,
the table is defined as new(5,3,true)
no matter if i table.set_size_request(700.900), i get the table big
enough, but not the buttons.

so is there a way i can tell Table to require Width, and assuming i
have created it to be homogeneous, it should divide it’s children not
just equally, but taking up all the space?

since my table has 3 columns, my third button is attached like
(widget,2,3,0,1…) , i guess that’s correct even if there is no 4th
column indexed as 3 in the table(since it starts from 0), so the widget
is right - attached to a non existent column.

I’d appreciate any suggestion,



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