How to appned some string with file name


Dear all.
using this below code i get file name of blob
image = params[:image][:blob]
puts image.methods
image_name = image.original_filename
it gives me
=> rose.jpg
actually i want to append some string with can i do it.pls help.
example => rose_big.jpg



string = “rose.jpg”
=> “rose.jpg”

modified = string[0…-5] + “_big” + string[-4…-1]
=> “rose_big.jpg”

you might wannt to check for the “.” in that string and cut it there.
check out some ruby basics for string manipulation.


On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 4:42 AM, Newb N.


Hi, here’s another option using the File class:

filename = File.basename( filename, “.jpg” ) + "_what_ever_you_want

  • File.basename( filename )

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