How to add RTL_SDR into 3.7.8 gnuradio library?

Hello all

I installed the latest version 3.7.8 of gnuradio from source. But the
repository removed rtl_sdr folder from the source files. I google a way
add rtl-sdr to the library. but it did not work for me.
I followed the official osmocom website.

I install the RTL-SDR folder inside of my gnuradio file. then follow the
steps below
cd rtl-sdr/
mkdir build
cd build
cmake …/
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

I know probably there is some link I have to create between this folder
gnuradio software. Is there anyone know how to add rtl-sdr to library?
you know, please tell me the exact steps I have to do. I really
any help from you!



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Hi Shaunwag,

rtl-sdr doesn’t belong inside your GNU radio source tree, and it never
did. Both things are unrelated.
Compile rtl-sdr anywhere you’ve downloaded it, “make install” it;
install GNU Radio.
After both, build the gr-osmosdr module, and you will get GNU Radio
blocks that allow you to access the rtl-sdr devices; that’s probably the
“glue” you were looking for.

Best regards,