How to add gdal with rails application , now working with gdal 1.8 in ubuntu 10.10

I need to downgrade the gdal version , i am working in remote system so
have only command prompt so if anybudy know how to either downgrade gdal
version from 1.8 to 1.7 or any other way to use gdal in rails app which
have version 2.3.5 and ruby 1.8.7 and ubuntu 10.10


remove 1.8 and install 1.7?

Dheeraj K.

how , i am not getting the command :frowning:

  1. sudo apt-get uninstall

  2. apt-cache showpkg
    pick a version string from there.

  3. sudo apt-get install =

Dheeraj K.

it showing me delete the package but when check the version it is there
may be some other fault :frowning: