How to access the given url with parameters in your rails ap

Hi All,

I have a problem. How can i use my rails created URL in my application.
I Explain it briefly with an Example what i have to do .
First please see the website ( I have to make
the Image URL like this and facilate the user to use the url as image
souce in his application as it is working presently.
I succeed to make the url but unable to create the image on the fly with
that url.
my url is like this on my localhost

If Anyone having any solution please let me know it would be great help
for me …

u want to “create” that image on the fly using the url?

in any case, i suggest u start by making a named route in routes.rb

map.image_url “/images/image_creation/slash/:image_name”, :controller
=> “images”, :action => “create”

Not sure if thats what you want cos not really able to understand ur
requirement. But hope it gets u started.

On Jan 20, 10:40 am, Kumar S. [email protected]