How Render data from a model inside of /views/pages/somepage.html.erb

Good morning!

I need render data from a model inside of a page “.html.erb”, i have this tree in my project:

app/models/dte.rb (this is the model with the table from i want the data)
app/controllers/dtes_controller.rb (this is the controller of the model)
app/views/dtes/index.html.erb (this is the html where is the datatable with the data)
app/views/pages/somepage.html.erb (this is the html where i need to put the datatable)

for your help, thank you

best regards

Get data 1st in dtes_controller using dte.rb model
render somepage.html.erb from dtes_controller with spcifying routes for rendering somepage.html.erb
in somepage.html.erb use varaible where you got data in controller.

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