How rails cache views of different languages?

class UsersController < ApplicationController
caches_page :view
def view

The current application is needed to have i10n,for example,
/users/view/1 will display user details of ID 1 in English and under
public/users/view it has been got 1.html, however, if the it has been
changed to other language by ruby-gettext,and still /users/view/1 has
been requested, then currently 1.html in English will be responsed,which
is not in the correct language. How to resolve such a kind of problem?
very grateful

Best Regards

I got it:
set route.rb:
map.connect ‘:controller/:action/:id/:lang’
and request
then public/users/view/1/en.html can be got
also version of other languages can be got samely