How much space on FPGA would be freed?


Does anyone know just how much resources will be freed up by doing the
following (this is one of the FPGA/Verilog questions on the wiki)?

    • I went through the mailing list and figured out that the current
      Verilog/VHDL code implementation occupies 95% of FPGA’s resources.
      there were some mails that pointed that reducing some receiver
      functionalities could free some FPGA resources. How? *

The header file config.vh (trunk?) controls the build configuration and
now functional. Modify it to use the file:
…/include/common_config_1rxhb_1tx.vh. This is how:

// Uncomment this for 1 RX channel (w/ halfband) & 1 transmit channel
`include “…/include/common_config_1rxhb_1tx.vh”

This will free up a lot of space on the FPGA for experimentation!

Curious if anyone had done this.



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I don’t remember exactly, but when I did this about 60% of the FPGA
resources were used.