How far from a 0.50 release?

Hi there.

I’ve noticed the traffic on this list has diminished in terms of issues
Nitro and Og, which I’m taking as a sign of stability and therefore a
Thing. So the sixty-four thousand dollar question is, when are we going
get a 0.50 release?

George blogged the “finishing touches” for 0.50 back in August last year
according to (On a side note, the
permalink for that entry throws a 500 error.)

It would be great to see 0.50 appear in my gem update. I really would
to see a realistic alternative to rails that I could use in anger with
client projects.

Consider this a gentle nudge from an enthusiastic supporter :slight_smile:


I have been experimenting with Sinatra and DataMapper, but really
liked Og better. Not sure the difference between Nitro and Sinatra
though; other than that I know Nitro has some JavaScript stuff in it.

I’m on a team that mainly makes MAMP stacks. I’d like to further the
use of ruby as the ability to evolve functionality on average seems

+1 for 0.50

Cortland K. [email protected] +1 408 506 9791

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Nice to hear that people are still interested in Nitro :wink:

As far as I am concerned, the version in the repository is ready for
as 0.50. I use it on a production web site with no problems. I though
(trans) would help me with packaging the gems, but I 've lost track of
lately. So I will try to package the gems and release 0.50 this week.

so, stay tunned :wink:



And even if something goes badly wrong, you can always put out a 0.51
following day :slight_smile:

Cortland K. wrote:

I have been experimenting with Sinatra and DataMapper, but really liked
Og better.

Can you elaborate on differences between DataMapper and Og?

James B.

“To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to
assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with
the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

I’m not sure; but it seemed migrations or schema evolutions are easier
with Og than with DM. I’ll have to research more to figure it out. It
seems there is no good online resource of the difference between them.

Off Topic Idea: One idea I’m thinking about is to create an
“intersection wiki” that would contain articles on the intersections
between two concepts, to compare and contrast them and such. Therefore
you could have an article such as “DataMapper+Og” which would be the
intersection article of the keywords DataMapper and Og. This
Intersection wiki then could be used to document things like this.

I was thinking about writing a very similar email. I might have
the comment link problem too. But mostly, I am anxious to have the
versions of Nitro and Og as gems. :slight_smile:

will try to package the gems and release 0.50 this week.


Really cool, more hoorays from over here!

And a wiki, beautiful!

In time for Chinese New Year

Best wishes for the year of the Rat!


Excellent everyone! I’m looking forward to using it as well.


sure :slight_smile:
it will happen this week. I just need to create gems. How difficult can


Ok, I have scheduled some time to work on this tomorrow. Hopefuly
will go well :slight_smile:


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