How does the Proxy Cache Key Lookup actually happen?

I am using part of the request_body as the Cache_key in setting up the
Proxy_cache_key and I was wondering how the actual lookup / matching of
Cache would occur?

From the documentation, it looks like it’s a MD5 encryption of the Cache
that I set.

Does that mean the cache_key lookup would be done after constructing the
cache key for the Incoming request? Is it possible that it would try to
do a
lookup with the default URI first and failover to construct the cache

Context of asking this is I am seeing some inconsistency in the Cache
Serving time for huge size of request_body Params even though when it’s
served from the cache.

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I am also trying to cache a url have this query but still no luck any


I tired these three different proxy_cache_key , I am not sure where I
doing wrong

proxy_cache_key $scheme$host$request_method$request_uri;
1- #proxy_cache_key
2- #proxy_cache_key
3- #proxy_cache_key “$scheme://$host$uri$is_args”;
proxy_cache_key $uri$args_is?TF=$arg_TF &US=$arg_US

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