How does base camp manage there accounts


Cant find any information this anywhere so was wondering if anyone had
any ideas.

Basically when you go to it allows you to sign up for a
account and gives you a url

I was just wondering how they do this, and if each account has there own
database or if it is all stored in one.


Dunno how basecamp does it. But check out these 2 solutions.

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storing it in one database or not is just a design decision, but
DHH wrote the account_location plugin ( that sets up subdomains for
accounts) it’s probably a safe bet that they store many of them in the
database (for at least one of their apps), although i’m sure there comes
point where one box can only serve so many accounts before experiencing
performance degredation.

I don’t think the issues of subdomains and databases are really
that should necessarily have any direct connection. The real question is
database seperation, and the resulting security benefits and connection
overhead issues are something that is important to the design of your
application. Account specific subdomains are just windowdressing.

-kate = masukomi

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