How does backpack add an image inplace?

Im redoing the layout for my cms and would love to add the feature to
add images in-place.

If you havent come across this before, here is a video that demonstrates
backpack adding images. It looks really sweet !

I’ve got a recipe for inplace editing but would love to add inplace
image creation and save my users leaving the page just to enter a name
and image location.

I’m not totally sure what you’re asking for…

It seems like they used AJAX for the adding image section ( where you
choose the file and enter a descriotion ) by putting it in a partial,
and then a DIV that appears when “Upload an Image” is clicked.

The size of the pictures is pre-defined, and thus so is the layout…
they probabl run through @images.each and after three images add in a

and keep displaying.

If you don’t want your users to have to leave the page, do the same
thing… put the “creation” page in it’s own Partial, and use AJAX/RJS
files to show/hide the partial’s div…

Hope that makes sense…