How do you find out what action rendered a page

Hi I have this list page that has some rjs templates updating parts of
it including a table of results. i’m trying to put pagination on the
table. thing is lots of different actions update the table and they have
their own paginators.

anyway i have this code at the bottom which worked for another page

pagination_links_each(@offer_pages,:window_size =>4) do |n|
“<a href=”#" onclick=“new
Ajax.Request(’/user/choose_offer?page=#{n}’, {asynchronous:true,
evalScripts:true}); return false;”>#{n}"


but i need to right it so that the calling action is substituted into
where choose offer is now…

so how do i get the name of the action that rendered the page?

Just starting out with rails so forgive me if this code looks horrible.
thanks in advance

I have the following in one of my layout head sections

<%= “admin::#{controller.controller_name}::#{controller.action_name}” %>

That might get you started.


Thanks peter, thats exactly what i wanted.

I run the plugin query_trace

and tail -f the logs

its handy as pie and requires nothing to be inserted into your code