How do you deal with sidebars in layouts?

I’ve been using the simple sidebar plugin in an app which is still in
development. The plugin allows you to specify the sidebars (auxiliary
content that often bears no relation to the resource being restfully
represented in the url) at the controller level, rather than having the
views, like the index.html.erb, determining what is shown. This works
well with the CSS and DOM of my app because the sidebar area doesn’t
need to come in the resource templates, it all stays in the

However, I haven’t round a way for nested resources to inherit simple
sidebars from the parent resource. This would really clean things up in
my app - so there’s room for improvement.

Does anyone have any other plugins or best practices for dealing with
sidebars? I never hear anyone mentioning simple sideabar and the plugin
hasn’t been touched in a while, so it makes me wonder if anyone is using
it and if there’s a better approach to sidebars.