How do we DELETE this new Rails 2.0 "Cookie Store"?

In the past, I would run this code to clear my session and cookie
def clear_session
session[:user_id] = nil
cookies[:user_id] = nil
cookies[:password_hash] = nil

I would then go into my \Docs & Settings\user_name\cookies and clear
out the cookie file.
Now, in Rails 2.0 (using the new SECRET key) I can’t seem to LOCATE?
what file this is being stored in so I can;

  1. Clear it out (in code)
  2. Delete it manually
    I expect this is a common question.
    Thank you,

I assume you’re talking about the new cookie based sessions. If so
that’s the point of them, there is no longer any files or database
entries to worry about. The session store is on the client’s web
browser in a cookie. No more maintenance of old session data is

This has a few limitations especially with size. I believe that
cookies can be up to 4k bytes. So you must keep your session data
small, which is what you should be doing anyway. The other reason to
keep them small is that they get transmitted between the client and
server each request. So again, make sure they are small (i.e. keep a
few ids and maybe small bits of other information but that’s all).

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