How do make it post instead of get?

This script will GET the page i request when i call it from dos-prompt
like this “ruby nukeuser.rb 1”

require ‘uri’
require ‘net/https’

user_id = ARGV[0].strip
url = “https:///services_captiveportal_users.php?act=del&id=” + user_id

url1 = URI.parse(url)

http =, url1.port)
http.use_ssl = true

Do not warn us about certificate - blithely accept whatever

certificate we receive!
http.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE

req =
req.basic_auth ‘username’, ‘password’

res = http.start do |h|

print res.body

But i really need to POST… and cant figure out how to make it do that
Can someone please help - i am loosing my hair fast at the moment!


req =


req =


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Can someone please help - i am loosing my hair fast at the moment!

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Paul S.
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Paul S. wrote:


req =


req =


Well… that run’s without any errors too, but i dont get the result i
would like.

I think i will explain a little more about what i am trying to do :wink:

I have a webpage on a m0n0wall (see where you can
do some user management. On this page is a link that is marked up like

Now what i want ruby to do is call the page
services_captiveportal_users.php with the action “act=del” and the
apropriate “id=?”, so i can delete users this way.

What happens so far, is i get the page with a list of all users
currently registered, wich is ok, but the user id i request to be
deleted is not deleted??

Is it maybe because of the "onclick=“return…blah” in the href??
I have the feeling i am missing some basic law of nature here, and in
the process of embarassing myself bigtime…

Thanks in advantage


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