How do I redirect my users to video via a proxy server?

I have a rails app where I am trying to re-direct my users to a video
resource on a remote server via a proxy. I am using the Net::HTTP::Proxy
class but I’m not sure the right way to do this.

I tried this code;

 urlToGet = 'videos/sample.mp4'

 proxy_host = ''
 proxy_port = 80

  proxy_class = Net::HTTP::Proxy(proxy_host,proxy_port)
  res = proxy_class.start(''){|http|
  redirect_to  http.get(urlToGet)

This gives me an error:
NoMethodError (undefined method `net_http_see_other_url’ for

I have been trying to figure this out for over a week, any help towards
this will really be appreciated.