How do I prevent ruby on windows from automatically converti

I have a Windows batch file (mytest.bat) that calls a Ruby script

The mytest.bat looks like this:

ruby %TOOLDIR%\bin\mytest %*

When the batch file is called using “call mytest” from another Ruby
script, it is automatically converting the command-line arguments.
Specifically, it is converting path arguments:

mytest -i “\testdir\mytests\test.dat”



I do not want Ruby converting these paths. It seems like it is going
through each string argument, detecting that it is a path and
normalizing/converting each path from Windows-style to UNIX-style.

How do I stop Ruby from doing this?

On Apr 30, 1:02 pm, [email protected] wrote:



I do not want Ruby converting these paths.

Why not? Are you aware that even under windoze, if a program
written in Ruby or awk or Perl tries to open “/testdir/mytests/
it will do the right thing?

By the way, how is your program converting these paths?
Are you using File::expand_path?

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