How do I pass an ExpandoObject from C# into IronRuby?

I tried to send this question earlier, but it did not appear to go
through. Shortly after I tried to send it the first time, the “Consuming
DynamicObjects in IronRuby” thread popped up. It seems likely that the
two issues are related, but as my situation is a bit different and
results in a different error message, I thought it would be a good idea
to resend this question. Note: I am using .Net 4.0 RC and the “CTP for
.Net 4.0 RC” release of IronRuby…

So I’m finally getting around to testing IronRuby/C# integration and hit
a stumbling block. Let’s say I have the following class in Ruby:

class HandleMoveRequested

            def handle(msg)

                            System::Console.WriteLine "Moving 

character to " + msg.x.to_s + “,” + msg.y.to_s + “.”



As you can see it is a simple message handler that expects an object
that has an “x” and a “y” property. Now say I have the following C#

dynamic handler = ruby.HandleMoveRequested.@new();

dynamic msg = new ExpandoObject();

msg.x = 1;

msg.y = 2;


Creating the handler instance works fine, so I won’t bore you with the
details of that, but for some reason the last line throws an
InvalidOperationException with the message “unbound variable: value”.
Everything works if the message is a Ruby class that I create manually,
but I’d love to be able to just create a fully dynamic object (such as
the ExpandoObject) here and pass it in. Is this just not possible?

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Answered your question over on StackOverflow:,
Tomas fixed this, and if you build from source now, your code will work.
Best Regards,
Kevin R.

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