How do I make Typo use CGI?

Hi Guys,
I’m running Typo on Dreamhost with shared hosting. Apparently, this
is a problem, because I keep getting 500 errors, and it used to be
only sometimes, but then it started getting worse and worse, and now
it’s 100% of the time. I’ve scoured Google for this problem, and it
looks like it’s a problem with Fast CGI on shared hosting. I’ve tried
everything to fix it, but to no avail. So my question is, would it
possibly help to make Typo use CGI instead of Fast CGI? If so, how
can I do this?
Thanks in advance.

You really don’t want to run Rails apps as CGIs; it takes 5+ seconds
to start up, so every request will take multiple seconds to fulfill.
If you want to see, change the ‘dispatch.fcgi’ line in the .htaccess
to use dispatch.cgi, assuming that the CGI dispatcher hasn’t been
deleted out of public/.


Ooh, that sounds bad. Okay, thanks for the reply.