How do i get country_select and select to show values

Hi i am a newbee at rails and i am using the country_select and select
drop down boxes in my new.rhtml I can make these work fine but when i
try viewing it in my database and show and index they just wont appear,
I have tried to edited it to how do I go about showing these items
everywhere i am completely stuck.

if text field = f.text_field
then why doesnt country_select = f.country_select or

<% fields_for "supplier[address_attributes][]", address do |f|%>

<%= country_select (:country,"country",["United Kingdom"]) %>


Try referencing instead of f.country_select. You need to
use the id of the form field, which is “country” in this case. Take a
look at the HTML that the browser gets when you’re looking at this
form - it might help.

If that doesn’t help, please post your related view code, controller
code, and an output of log/development.log that shows what happens
when you submit the form. The log output should show you which
parameters are being passed.


On Mar 14, 7:58 am, Nish P. [email protected]

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