How do I downgrade rails version?


Rails version on my production host is 1.1.6
On my local dev box it was 0.11.x i think. Wanting to have both rails
versions identical I ran ‘gem update rails’ without thinking too much,
and of course that wasn’t very smart as now I have rails 1.2.1 on my dev
box :slight_smile:

how do I downgrade to rails 1.1.6?


On 2/3/07, Alon G. remo[email protected] wrote:


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$ gem help commands

will show you your options.

You can uninstall the rails gem and dependencies of: actionmailer,
actionpack, actionwebservice, activerecord, and activesupport.

$ sudo gem uninstall

There might be a faster one-line but I don’t know it off the top of my
head. Then just use the version flag when installing rails 1.1.6.

$ gem help install

will show you the options.

Hope this helps.

Zack C.

thanks Zack. That did it

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