How do I delete a FlexImage entry

I am using fleximage to handle images. Its great. I can upload, edit
and view the image just fine. But, now I want to allow users to delete
their image. Can someone please explain how.

In the UI when a user is editing the model with the image, currently I
display the image and give users the option to upload a new file. I am
changing it so that a user selects to either keep the image, upload a
new image or clear their image. In the controller I check if the clear
image param was passed in and then delete the image from the table.
I have tried: = nil
this returns the error:
Exception in edit_module: You have a nil object when you didn’t expect
You might have expected an instance of Array.
The error occured while evaluating nil.size

It looks like it is trying to resize the image which is now nil.

Also tried: = ’ ’
This didn’t do anything

I am all ears on how to delete the image. Thanks.


class LibResource < FlexImage::Model
self.require_image_data = false
pre_process_image :size => ‘250x250’


@mod.attributes = params[:mod] #updates the model as usual

if params[:image_options]
option = params[:image_options]
if option == ‘Remove my image’ = nil!

Bump. Anyone ever had to delete a fleximage form the table. Tell me
how you did it.

Hey Kim,

I am by no means a rails expert, so there’s probably a dozen things
wrong with my code, but it at least works. Here’s how I delete my
fleximage pictures from both the database and the filesystem:

In my view, I have a checkbox for each image, named “photo_delete” and
having the values of the table id for that image. So
params[:photo_delete] is a hash of all the id’s of the images the user
wants to delete.

Then, in my controller:

@delete = Photo.find(:all, :conditions => { :id =>

params[:photo_delete] }) if params[:photo_delete]
if @delete
@delete.each do |delete|
#----------------------Clean this up to automatically get the photo
extension type-----------------------------------
@message = "Photos have been deleted. " if delete.destroy

I hope this helps with what you are trying to do.

And, uh, try to ignore the line-breaks in the code that were
automatically added to my post.

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