How do i build this? is the only way to use session, or can

i pass and save muliple paramters between different views with different

what i am trying to do use instead of the user filling out forms to
search my database, i just want them to click on links. the first link
selects data from one table and then a different view of links will be
displayed. the user will then click on a new link but i will need to
also know what the user clicked previous to be able to grab the correct

thoughts? i am reading the session part of agile development with rails
right now.


AFAIK, you have here two possiblities:

  1. use session data
  2. use forms, and passing data with hidden_fields.

Are you OK with that?


you can use a before_filter, in this before filter you can store the
click info in a stack, that way you will have the eariles click info on
top and oldest on the bottom. Store this stack in the session.

If you want to store parameters you can do that too just put the params
object in session.

hope this helps


On Wednesday, August 02, 2006, at 9:45 PM, linux user wrote:

also know what the user clicked previous to be able to grab the correct
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Rails mailing list
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You can also just pass the parameters from your previous call to the
next one in the chain.


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