How did you integrate RJB and 3rd party java files into your rails app?

if you have used rjb successfully with your rails app, would you be
able to kindly post:

-a sample of how you might have included (your choice of syntax for)
the rjb loading of multiple .jar files in your rails app’s
environment.rb file?

-an explanation of how/where you might have placed your 3rd party java
(.jar, .java, etc.) files, perhaps within your rails app’s ‘lib’

-the syntax you used in importing the 3rd party .java classes/files
within your ruby script (that perhaps you placed in the rails app’s
‘lib’ folder)?

my closely related inquiry at comp.lang.ruby,,
may also be interesting.

i have been experiencing considerable difficulty integrating the 3rd
party java files and my ruby scripts that make use of rjb and
communicates with those 3rd party files into our rails application.
the application does not seem to understand where these .java classes
are located, producing 'NoClassDefFoundError’s. i am going back to
the beginning scrutinizing how i have been using rjb and placing
relevant code, starting with valid syntax/format for rjb loading and
importing. i have pored over various online docs and inquired at the
rubyforge rjb-users forum, but am still not receiving clarifications
that i am seeking.

please advise.