How can you changing syntax coloring defaults on IRB 3.0

Hello! I’m enjoying the updated ruby 3.0, including the syntax highlighting in irb. However, some of the colors are hard for me to read. How can I change the default colors? For example, I would like the “blue” used for numbers to be a lighter color.

Thank you for any help.

(A short term solution is to edit the Terminal color definitions–the ANSI Terminal has a limited palate of colors that you can redefine on the X Windows/Mac OS X side.)

Same problem here. Those colours are not only ugly, but also they tend to slow down the output significantly. The way I fix this is:

Changing The Terminal Colour

There’s no way to change the colour from the terminal in geany and some others like xterm, kitty, cool-retro-term etc.

But if you use gnome-terminal, xfce-terminal, tilix, terminology, etc. you can go to the settings and change the colour for deep blue and red:

Disable IRB Colour

The other idea is to disable colour with --nocolorize or by writing IRB.conf[:USE_COLORIZE] = false to the ~/.irbrc file.

I agree that IRB should use a different colour, like some light blue (\e[38;2;100;150;255m but unchangeable), and red colours that’s readable in both black and white terminal with some transparency as well.