How can one controller refresh the view of another controlle


I am writing a reporting app, where every report has 2 common
parameters, the starting date and ending date. So I have put them in a
session variable, with the intension that it can be changed separately
from report’s other parameters and the reports will get refreshed with
new dates.

I am bit confused about the implementation part. My requirement is
that this should be part of every report page and after clicking the
update button, the corresponding report should be automatically

I can put the date updation form in all views [that’s to start, but I
guess there are better ways] to solve the first problem, but I am
stuck at the second problem. The date updation form calls a method in
the same controller and it should refresh what ever view that was
displayed in the screen. This is where I am stuck.

So basically it boils down to, how can one controller refresh the view
of another controller?