How can nginx login and access swift storage node automatically?

Hi, everybody.

I am looking for a way to make my nginx server to login swift proxy
automatically, nginx is a web server ,and swift is a cache proxy for
,which can store static file. What operation I hope the machine to do
like this :

  1. client send a request( via a browser ,for example
    ,chrome browser,asking for access a folder named test which is exist in
    swift storage node,a disk that can be ssd or sata
  2. nginx was configed proxy_pass point to swift ip (
    accept the request and try to login swift use the password I have set
    (user:swift,password:swift), automatically pass the X-Storage-User and
    X-Storage-Pass to swift
    3.swift generate a X-Auth-Token return to nginx
    4.nginx login swift storage node using the X-Auth-Token
    5.finally, client can see the test folder on the web page,and files in
    test folder can be download or upload

Is there any function in nginx or swift help?Or some additional module
code can complete the operation?
Any advices are welcome.
Thanks for your time


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