How can integrate apache2 with ruby on rails?

I use kubuntu.
How can i install ruby on rails in kubuntu?
is ruby on rails integrated with apache2? how can i do?
can anyone give me brief step by step suitable installation procedure
for my configuration(kubuntu+apache2) ?

Hi Antony,

if you want to go with Apache2, there are a few ways to get Ruby on
Rails going. Apache2 + fastcgi, Apache2 + fcgid or Apache2 + Mongrel.
The last option is the most popular at the moment. I have a couple of
links up at

that point to some good tutorials that should get you up and running
very quick. And the setup for kubuntu should be very similar to any
other Linux distribution.

Kind regards,

Nick S.

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I’ve got a tutorial on installing Rails on ubuntu dapper server here:
This will work on kubuntu as well. My tutorial shows how to use
lighttpd for rails while keeping apache2 around for other sites - this
solution may or may not fit your needs but you should find most of the
article relevant.