How can I set body for Net::HTTPResponse


I tried to setup body for Net::HTTPResponse in my test code.
But I can’t achieve that without weird patch.
I try the same on ruby 1.9.3 and 1.8.7 but behavior is the same.

require ‘net/http.rb’
response =‘1.0’, “200”, “OK”)
response.body = “test”
p response.body # => nil

working example

require ‘net/http.rb’
response =‘1.0’, “200”, “OK”)
response.body = “test”
p response.body # => test

Why I need first use response.body to make it work?
What I do wrong here?
Is there any easier way to create response with body?

Thanks a lot
Robert M.

Hi Robert,

From my reading of net/http/response.rb, there’s not going to be a
straightforward way for you to do this.

If you’re testing with something like RSpec, consider using a double[1]
or even WebMock[2] to do this for you.




(And silly me, you can use WebMock without RSpec. That may be the best
way forward?)

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