How can I get feedback on plugin I wrote on github?

I am looking for a job and had talked to a company. The fellow there
encouraged me to make available some sort of code sample of my work. I
took some functionality out of a website I had worked on a few years
ago and created a rails plugin which is now on github here:

Given that this code is part of my job search, I feel I should ask
any good ideas on how I can get some feedback ?

Also, I am interested on where I could find ideas to write some
simple plugins that might take a day or 2 to write or maybe even
people who are looking for someone to write a plugin, gem etc.

I used to have a text to speech ruby program that would read whatever
was in the paste buffer. I think I lost it when my old laptop crashed,
I could probably re write it, it wasn’t that complex. I used to use it
to read text off of websites.

I am just looking for ideas to keep my skills going or improve them
one way or another. I hope to make it to the ruby meetup next month as