How can I do that with datetime?

I have this code in a new form:

<%= _('Adquired in') %>
<%= f.date_select :sales_date, :discard_day => true, :order => [:month,:year] %>

I want to use something like that:

I have this array:
class Setting < ActiveRecord::Base

Month = {
“January” => _(“January”),
“February” => _(“February”),
“March” => _(“March”),
“April” => _(“April”),
“May” => _(“May”),
“June” => _(“June”),
“July” => _(“July”),
“August” => _(“August”),
“September” => _(“September”),
“November” => _(“November”),
“December” => _(“December”)

So I’m able to use Gettext

Can anyone help?

John S. wrote:

Can anyone help?

Amy idea?

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