How can I create a 2nd/separate cookie for my app? (i.e. an


How can I create a 2nd/separate cookie for my app (i.e. and not use the
session tracking cookie). Is this possible?

Currently the timezone id I’m saving via “cookies[:tz]” gets stored ok
the application cookie (along with session_id etc), however the session
cookie disappears after the browser is closed - and I don’t want to keep
this session cookie “alive” longer than this.


Greg H. wrote:


That sound to me like the kind of thing you might want to be storing in
the users table.

I use this in my controller…

cookies[:_my_host_tz]= { :value => “PST”, :expires =>
30.days.from_now, :path => “/” }

and checking in Firefox, it does create a separate cookie from the
sessions cookie.
there is a _my_host_session_id and a _my_host_tz cookie.

On Jul 3, 2:48 pm, “Greg H.” [email protected]

PS. How are you accessing the timezone info in your app out of

I’ve doing the following. Any comments welcomed?

  • I’m not accessing via the cookie as if it’s not set and I set it in a
    before filter it remains unset until the next browser request, so what
    doing is:
  • Application code accesses value from session, with cookie value being
    when browser closed/opened.
  • When even setting timezone in app set both cookie & session.
  • BeforeFilter = Ensure that both session and cookie contains value. If
    cookie is nil then set it with with session value and vica versa. If
    are nil then set a default in both cookie and session

oh, perhaps I was misinterpreting the “see cookie info” from the web
developer firefox plugin (i.e. thought it was the same cookie) - let me
this wolfmanjm - tks`

Sorry I’m not actually using the cookie to store TZ info, I’m actually
using it to store last view time, but the technique for cookie storing
should be the same :slight_smile:

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