Home path not working in routes.rb


I configured my home path in routes.rb yet when I load the root url
the home path doesnt get loaded automatically. My routes.rb is as

ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|

map.home “”, :controller => “homz”, :action => “aboutviridian”
map.featuresorganization “featuresorganization”, :controller =>
“feature”, :action => “organization”
map.featuresmembers “featuresmembers”, :controller =>
“feature”, :action => “membership”
map.featureswork “featureswork”, :controller => “feature”, :action
=> “work”
map.featuressearchengine “featuressearchengine”, :controller =>
“feature”, :action => “searchengine”

map.resources :feature
map.resources :homz

map.connect ‘:controller/:action’
map.connect ‘:controller/:action/:id’
map.connect ‘:controller/:action/:id.:format’

Note… the moment I change
map.home “”, :controller => “homz”, :action => “aboutviridian”
map.home “home”, :controller => “homz”, :action => “aboutviridian”
and do localhost:3000/home… it works

Can someone please help?

got it working!
Ignore… thanks a lot…
had index.html in public folder and the home always loaded that by