Hoe 1.5.0 Released

hoe version 1.5.0 has been released!

Hoe is a simple rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles. It
generates all the usual tasks for projects including rdoc generation,
testing, packaging, and deployment.

Tasks Provided:

  • announce - Generate email announcement file and post to
  • audit - Run ZenTest against the package
  • check_manifest - Verify the manifest
  • clean - Clean up all the extras
  • config_hoe - Create a fresh ~/.hoerc file
  • debug_gem - Show information about the gem.
  • default - Run the default tasks
  • docs - Build the docs HTML Files
  • email - Generate email announcement file.
  • gem - Build the gem file only.
  • install - Install the package. Uses PREFIX and RUBYLIB
  • install_gem - Install the package as a gem
  • multi - Run the test suite using multiruby
  • package - Build all the packages
  • post_blog - Post announcement to blog.
  • post_news - Post announcement to rubyforge.
  • publish_docs - Publish RDoc to RubyForge
  • release - Package and upload the release to rubyforge.
  • ridocs - Generate ri locally for testing
  • test - Run the test suite. Use FILTER to add to the
    command line.
  • test_deps - Show which test files fail when run alone.
  • uninstall - Uninstall the package.

See class rdoc for help. Hint: ri Hoe


1.5.0 / 2008-01-30

  • 9 Minor Enhancements:

    • Added autopopulation of changes from History.txt.
    • Added autopopulation of urls from History.txt.
    • Added autopopulation of description from History.txt
    • Added autopopulation of summary from description.
    • Added description_sections to declare what sections of readme to
    • Added summary_sentences to declare how many sentences you want in
    • Added developer(name, email) to cleanly populate both author/
      email arrays.
    • author and email now default to “doofus”.
    • author and email warn that they’ll blow up on 2008-04-01.
  • http://rubyforge.org/projects/seattlerb/

  • http://seattlerb.rubyforge.org/hoe/

  • [email protected]

Hi! Thanks for such a great tool!

But I’m having problem using sow:

$ sow foo
/usr/bin/env: ruby -ws: No such file or directory

I’m using Linux and I think under Linux the sha-bang
“#!/usr/bin/env ruby -ws” is not interpreted correctly.
In fact, many Unix system generate only one argument
for the sha-bang, thus “ruby -ws” is passed as one
argument to /usr/bin/env.

I think there’re three ways to solve it:

  • patch the kernel
  • patch /usr/bin/env
  • patch sow
    It looks like the 3rd solution is relatively cleaner.
    So I’m wondering would you please avoid such sha-bang
    in some future version?


2008/1/31, Ryan D. [email protected]: