Hivelogic lighttpd install

Hey group,

I went through the Hivelogic install and it works great. Now I’d like
to run lighttpd as a daemon, but when I go into the /usr/local folder
where everything was installed, I don’t see a lighttpd directory where
the config files would be.

If I try “lighttpd start” from the command line, I get an error that
says “No configuration file available”.

Does a config file exist for it and where can I find it. Otherwise,
what else can I do to try to get it running?
Thanks for the help.


If you’re trying to get lighttpd running so you can serve your rails
app, then cd to your rails application directory, then run:

script/server -d

If you want to run in production mode, edit your config/
environment.rb file and change “development” to “production”.

The lighttpd.conf file should exist in your config directory. If it
doesn’t exist there, running script/server will copy a default config
file from your rails install.

If script/server runs WEBrick instead of lighttpd, then your path
isn’t set up correctly. If you do a echo $PATH you should see /usr/
local/sbin in there somewhere. If not edit your ~/.bash_profile or /
etc/profile to add it.

  • Peter

I guess I should have been more specific. Now that I have it running,
like to have it run non-Rails web sites on my system as well, so I’d
like to
setup virtual hosts (or the equivalent with Lighttpd) to run my Rails
non-Rails sites on my computer. I know how to run it for individual
apps, I
just don’t know how to run this install as a service for my computer as
whole. The only config files I can find exist only in the Rails app.

Any thoughts on doing this?


Here’s a good option:

  • Peter

Perfect! I looked through Hivelogic and never saw this.

Thanks for the link.

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