Hitimes 1.0.0 Released

hitimes version 1.0.0 has been released.

gem install hitimes


Hitimes is a fast, high resolution timer library for recording
performance metrics. It uses the appropriate C method calls for each
system to get the highest granularity time increments possible.

It currently supports any of the following systems:

  • any system with the POSIX call clock_gettime()
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows

Using Hitimes can be faster than using a series of Time.new calls, and
it will have a much higher granularity. It is definitely faster than
using Process.times.

{{ Release notes for Version 1.0.0 }}

  • Major version bump with complete refactor of the metric collection API
  • 3 types of metrics now instead of just 1 Timer
    • ValueMetric
    • TimedMetric
    • TimedValueMetric
  • The ability to convert all metrics #to_hash
  • Updated documentation with examples using each metric type