Hiring a rubyist (SF Bay Area or remote)

Hey there, I’m looking for a star coder to join our team, coding in
Ruby. Depending on your experience and desire, I’d consider either a
contract or a permanent position.

We need someone who understands how to design and build a solid,
flexible, reusable GUI automation framework. Solid experience with Ruby
is a big plus; strong skill with a scripting language like Ruby, Perl,
TCL, or Python and a desire to learn top-notch Ruby is a requirement.
Much of the work will be using Ruby’s Watir libraries. Familiarity with
those libraries is great, but not a requirement.

So who are we? I work at Lyris Technologies, in Berkeley CA. We are a
small and comfortably profitable company creating applications to
manage and report on legitimate email campaigns.

Is that a euphemism for vile, spam-sending scum? No. I’m honestly quite
reluctant to hire anyone with low enough moral standards that they
would work for a spammer. Our customers really are good guys (and
neutral guys) who send email to people who ask for it - folks like Sun,
IBM, NASA, Habitat for Humanity & the American Federation of Teachers.
If you want to know more about us or our ethics, check out our
customers at http://www.lyris.com/customers - or write me with
questions. I respect that many of the best folks out there want to work
for companies they can be proud of.

This position could be either out of our Berkeley CA office or be a
remote position. If it’s remote, we’ll fly you out to the SF Bay Area a
few times a year. This will likely start as a 3-month contract with the
ability to extend it or convert to a permanent position by mutual
agreement. If however we are impressed enough with a candidate who
wants to start out permanent with salary + benefits, we can make that
work too.

FYI, we are a very solid company - 11 year old and comfortably
profitable for 10 of those, but still small enough and agile enough
that the team of coders is a real pleasure to work with. I truly
recommend the company as a place to work and would be happy to answer
questions if anyone is considering it and wants to know more. If the
above sounds interesting to you, please email me at [email protected].

(BTW, some folks have asked if this is a QA position since the Watir
libraries were designed primarily for test automation. It’s not. Watir
is actually quite versatile. We use it in one of our core
applications…which will make more sense once we talk further.)