Hijack DB Tutorial Question

I am one of the foolhardy people who hijacks the connection on each

I have followed the tutorial on multiple databases to the letter, and I
first verified that acts_as_ferret works with the find_by_ferret method.

I am not runnning drb yet, this is in development mode on my Mac.

Instead of using a domain hash, I am using an account number. I have
modified all of the scripts accordingly.

While find_by_ferret, before the account_hash modifications to my models
did indeed return results, I get no results after the modification. I
assume this is because there isn’t an index yet which knows about the

Now there is a script at the bottom of the tutorial on the project site
at http://projects.jkraemer.net/acts_as_ferret/wiki/MultipleDatabases.

There is a statement to the effect that says “Here is my script”.

Unfortunately I cannot figure out what to do with that script. Where to
put it. How to run it. Etc.

Is it a rake task? Is it just an rb file? What libraries do I require
in order to get it to run? Do I have to run it regularly? If so,
should I schedule it? How?

I don’t expect anyone to hold my hand all the way, really I just want to
run the script. I tried a regular ruby file, and rake task, and both
have met with failure because I don’t know what files to require.

Please, please help, as I have already burned 8 hours trying to
implement AAF against multiple dbs with no progress today. It is going
to be awesome when I get it working though.