Highlight raises Segmentation Fault Error in Ferret 0.10.9 i

Hi Everyone,

I am currently in process of upgrading Ferret 0…9.1 to Ferret 0.10.9
with Ruby 1.8.4 in windows platform. I am trying to use search highlight
feature on index_searcher

subject = index_searcher.highlight("subject:(blah blah)", 0,
                             :field => :content,
                             :pre_tag = "<span class='highlight'>",
                             :post_tag = "</span>")

But all my tests fails and I run into Segmentation Fault Error.
Does anyone has come across this bug? I see couple of emails in this
forum but
I have not been able to find solutions. Can some one please help me and
tell me what is the correct implementation ?