High speed frequency hopping

Hi everyone,

I’m working on something to hop through a large range
of frequencies identifying signals. I was testing to
see how fast I could hop by capturing the data from
the USRP and sending it to a null sink. I found that
it takes .38 seconds, plus the time length I set to
get data, to run a capture. I’d like to improve that
considerably. Any idea?

John B.
Texas A&M-Commerce

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On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 07:28:26AM -0700, John B. wrote:

John B.
Texas A&M-Commerce

The inband-signaling work-in-progress will help with this.
The limiting factor will be the settling time of the PLL’s on the
front ends. On the RFX-* this is on the order of 100us. (Matt, did I
remember this correctly?) Note that in cases where the next frequency
is within the currently selected IF passband, tuning is effectively
instantaneous. We just have to change the DDC center frequency.